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Working together to drive change in the affordable housing industry.

Equal Pay for Equal Work

Want to be a part of our equal pay movement?


NET-WORK seeks to provide education and achievable steps through its networking platform to its members. NET-WORK will bring together organizations across the county from every field of the affordable housing industry, to learn, share and work for change with the guidance of a consultant who specializes in helping organizations assess and change their policies for more equitable workplaces. 



NET-WORK’s mission is to drive changes in the affordable housing field/industry that leads to equity for all, by providing education, active collaboration and actionable steps that will achieve equity in the areas of:  pay, parental leave, closing the opportunity/gender gap, and promoting diversity, and inclusion in all aspects organizational culture, leadership and decision-making.


NET-WORK members will be expected to WORK together to identify issues impacting their ability to achieve equity in each of the core areas of pay equity, parental leave, gender gap and DE&I- not only for those who work in affordable housing, but for those we serve with our housing. 

Ideas and areas of need can then be shared with policy organizations who work within the policy and advocacy realm to inform new policies that will benefit our industry and beyond.  


The How


NET-WORK members will have access to resources, research materials, information from other partner organizations, and the ability to attend 8 specialized courses specifically geared toward our mission.


Mutual support, sharing of best practices, and the identification of policy opportunities.

actionable steps

NET-WORK members will receive resources, including tools they will need to assess their organizations against standard best practices to achieve such goals as equitable pay, fair parental leave policies, and DE&I hiring practices with an intentional focus on inspiring and hiring to create pathways and opportunities for our residents that would create a pipeline of candidates for our industry. 


How to Join

If you or your company wants to be a member of the NET-WORK- simply fill out the registration form here. In order to become a member of NET-WORK you will be asked to complete 8 one-hour monthly sessions which will be taught virtually by Sarah Driver, of Driver Consulting LLC.


Member Expectations

Women’s Affordable Housing Network is covering the cost through our generous sponsors to bring our members this valuable information for FREE. In return we ask that each member pledges to the following:

  Attend or watch all 8 sessions
–   Attend two discussion meetings with fellow members to discuss results, best practices and policy opportunities
Help promote the NET-WORK initiative on social media, your website or other industry events

“The secret of success is to do the common thing uncommonly well.”


Member Benefits


Professionally led courses in areas of equity, DE&I, HR Policies and hiring practices for FREE (typically these classes would cost $$$)

actionable steps

Concrete actionable steps for immediate improvement in the focus areas will be shared and opportunities for Q&A with top professionals in the DE&I space will be accessible


Part of a national network of other organizations going through the same process- be a part of a national movement!


Corporate member logos will be displayed on the NET-WORK webpage and included in relevant media announcements.

Our team

Millie Hurtt, HDFP

Millie Hurtt, HDFP

National Vice President, Women's Affordable Housing Network

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Sarah Driver

Sarah Driver

Consutlant, Gender Equality in the Work Place, Driver Consulting

Sarah Driver is the founder of Driver Consulting (, a firm focused on helping companies access the benefits linked to gender equality in the workplace. She developed a method of using personalized assessments and strategic roadmaps to help companies make the practical shifts that drive sustainable progress toward gender equality. Sarah moved to Indiana from Morocco where she worked with both national and multinational companies. She earned her master’s degree in social policy from the London School of Economics.

Driver Consulting provides strategic consulting services that allow companies to access the financial and cultural benefits that come with gender equality.

Ashely Northcutt

Ashely Northcutt

President, Women's Affordable Housing Network

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